Baby & Cat – Annoyed By Pet Hair?! Here Are The Greatest Hacks For Getting Rid Of It Quickly!

My Maisie - Baby & Cat - The Best Products Ever For Getting Rid Of Cat Hair

“Oh, you’re pregnant? And what are you going to do with your cats???”

Omg, the question has always got me pretty bummed. 😄

What do you think we are going to do with them? Give them back to the animal shelter, shave them, or give them away?

For us, it was obvious that we would keep our two lovely kittens and that our daughter would grow up with pets.

But… one thing – but we did not admit this to the people asking – has already disturbed us slightly: the cat hair! 🦁

Even if they are not longhair cats, you can always find fur lying around. Especially during the change of coat. And whether in the laundry, clothes, bed, sofa or on the floor, you can find them everywhere. So I asked myself, what to do against the hair that actually works!

By the way, if you’re wondering whether the hair is dangerous for the babies, there’s an all-clear answer from pediatrician Dr. Andreas Busse:

Children on farms also survive and not so poorly (fewer allergies). So please don’t worry too much about a domestic cat. And only if your child would eat masses of hair, it could in extreme cases come to a constipation.

translated from

What Can Be Done About Pet Hair?

We researched, tested and we were close to despair because we made another bad purchase. 🤦‍♀️

But now we know what helped us in the struggle against the fine cat hair and is not too time-consuming, yeah!

I assume you’re already doing the following and it’s just not enough:

  • Regular vacuuming
  • Put laundry away immediately
  • Changing the linens of the bed more often
  • Put cat blankets on the cuddling places
  • Clean the fluff filter of your washing machine regularly (that’s very helpful).
  • etc. etc.

Here Are The Best Tips & Tricks

I will tell you how to prevent cat hair, remove it effectively, and ban it from your clothes to make your household almost pet hair free!

Tumble / Laundry Dryer* – First the downer – a tumble dryer. It needs space, electricity, water, and money. But it works! We bought a washing dryer because we don’t have space for a washing machine and a tumble dryer. If you already have one, it can help to simply put in the blankets or other “hairy” things and use it with cold air. Especially if you have very furry items, I would wash it separately from the “hairless” ones, otherwise, the other things could be affected. And if you don’t have or don’t want a dryer, don’t worry, you can do it without it. 🙂

Magic Hair Fur Removal Laundry Balls* – I haven’t tried it myself yet, but a friend of mine is swearing that they work: Laundry balls. You add them to your laundry and wash them in the machine. They are supposed to attract and collect animal fur. So I will definitely try it out!

Of course, the cat grooming brushes* are very important to eliminate the hair directly at the origin! Here are some genuine brushes! Even brush muffles will enjoy it. Ideally, you should brush the little furry ones as often as you can, preferably daily. So I would really look for a brush that you and the cats will enjoy.

As for the brushes, combs and gloves, I have to admit that I don’t have an absolute favorite. Even my two cats have different preferences, but one of these probably fits for you and your tiger.

The all-time classic* – This is probably the most typical dog and cat grooming brush. You can really get everything out of your pet with it! But, the brush was too rough for our cats, our dog used to like it very much. So if your cats like it, then congratulations! 🙂

Pet Grooming Glove* – And then there are gloves to pet the cat with. They also take out a lot of fur and can be easily transformed into a cuddling session.

Magic Pets Brushing Tool* – And of course the magical brush, which is a new trend! I haven’t bought it myself yet, because I just have all the other things and I’m fine with it, but if you’re at the very beginning, I’d try this one! You can also use it for other things like blankets, covers and the cats themselves, it’s very practical.

Insider tip: I have also seen that some people have placed the cat brush next to the toilet in the bathroom and combine a visit in there with grooming. 😄

What do you think, what my face looked like when I went to the bathroom and the cat sat demanding in front of me! 🙈

And another insider tip: My previous cat was absolutely keen on MY hairbrush.* So I bought it. 🤷

Vacuum Cleaner Animal Edition* – One more investment, but we’re blown away by Dyson’s hand-held vacuum cleaner! No joke, but even after 2 years my hubby and I are “arguing” about who is allowed to vacuum! 😀 Just take it and vacuum the dust around the litter box, it couldn’t be easier. And, it has a carpet brush with an additional motor, afterward, our carpet looks like new! To be fair, we have a white carpet and a black tomcat, so the hair is really noticeable. I really don’t know a better vacuum cleaner and for us, it was worth every cent.
Friends have just bought an older model and that made a good impression. Here and there a small feature is missing, but if you want to save money, you can also take the older models.

PS: I also tried out other handheld vacuum cleaners in the 20-40 US price range and returned them every time, no vacuum power, irritating handling and all in all frustrating.

Animal Attachment Groom Tools for vacuum cleaners* – If you don’t want to buy a new vacuum cleaner then you could also check if there are special attachments for your vacuum cleaner, there are even universal ones.* There are special attachments for some models that are very effective against animal hair.
There are even brushes with which you groom your pet itself. You should of course make sure that your pet enjoys it. But this applies to all brushes.

Cat mat for the litter box* – Cat sand, that’s really annoying! if the cats don’t kick the sand properly of their paws, you can still see where they went for meters. The naughty ones! 🙂

I also tried some mats until I found the perfect one and don’t want to miss it anymore! It is quite thick, but you can pick it up and tilt the sand back into the litter box or use the vacuum cleaner to go directly between the levels and vacuum away the gathered sand! The sand within a 2 meter radius of the toilets has been drastically reduced and the handling is super easy. thumb up
I’d make sure you don’t take a mat that is too small. Optically bigger is not necessarily more beautiful, but then you have at least peace with that topic. 🙂

Reusable Hair Remover Brush* – We have a hair remover brush for the places we can’t vacuum, like clothes, nursery or other places. There are also tools that you can use for cats and clothes :-D, the magical brush above for example. It’s nice that – in contrast to the lint rollers – it’s reusable and works great as well.

With these products, we have removed the hair from the sofa, from clothing, and from almost all other places. And we’re not bothered by cat sand anymore. Of course, we sometimes find cat hair, it’s not clinically clean, but the difference is enormous and we have a clear conscience when a piece of banana falls to the floor and our little Mia still wants to eat it. 🍌

If I could only have one piece from the above list, it would be the Dyson vacuum cleaner! It really simplified our life. It is hanging discreetly on the wall behind the door and is ready to use with a single touch and after 30 seconds I have vacuumed the hallway and it is already stored away again.

What helped you the most in the struggle against cat hair, which product would you choose?

Your Maisie

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