Here you will find everything you need to know about pregnancy: Lifehacks, visits to the authorities, initial equipment, baby parties, birth preparation, relief for pregnancy complaints, examinations and tips and tricks.

Does it actually hurt when my sensitive belly button pops out during pregnancy and bulges outwards? Here is my experience of two pregnancies

Weiterlesen Does it actually hurt when the belly button “pops out” during pregnancy? #sensitive

Annoyed by the question when you finally get pregnant or have a baby? Here you will find witty, funny and clever answers / comebacks to family planning.

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Pregnancy calculator - Calculate conception, due date and period of birth! It's that simple, just put it in the calendar right away!

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They fly around everywhere: in the laundry, clothes and on the floor. I'll tell you how to get rid of cat hair once and for all!

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Birth is an event for which one likes to be prepared, so that everything runs as smoothly, quickly and gently as possible. Here you will find 10 tips that you can immediatly...

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How you can hide your pregnancy in the 1st trimester and still don't have to skip a party I'll tell you, along with 35 tips & tricks!

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Breastfeed Yes or No?! Here you can find out 65 benefits why you should breastfeed, for you, your baby and even your dad. You will be surprised when...

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