Does it actually hurt when the belly button “pops out” during pregnancy? #sensitive

Does it actually hurt when the belly button "pops out" during pregnancy? #sensitive

You know what I was always afraid of?

That my belly button “pops out” during pregnancy! 😅

I have always had a very sensitive navel and always imagined that it must be unbearable.

In fact, I was spared during my first pregnancy. My midwife and I had followed the progress of my bellybutton development eagerly, whether it showed its sensitive side or not. 😄

Then came the second pregnancy

It soon became clear: this time it would be different! Because early on my navel showed the ambition to show us its button this time.

So again, with my same dear midwife, we have ” stalked ” the navel. Haha, with what one can be so concerned!

Curiously, there was not a moment when he just went “pop” from one moment to the next, but it was a process that lasted many weeks.

But, it came as it had to come and he now bulged outwards!

And I don’t mean an umbilical hernia! It is about the harmless bulging outwards!

How do you think that must feel?!?

The unspeakable pain – which I had imagined 😱 – actually never came!

It actually does not feel any different… Only pressing into the “soft part” is slightly unpleasant.

Super annoying is that these few millimeters forward are missing exactly in my self-perception and I “get stuck” with the part on door handles and co. 🙈

Und, ist Dein Bauchnabel auch "geploppt"? Oder spielt das für Dich gar keine Rolle?

And, is your bellybutton also "popped"? Or does that not play a role for you at all?

I am very curious if I am the only one who is/has been wondering about it! 😄 🙈

Yours Maisie

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