My Maisie Deine Schwanger und Mama Freundin

Hi, I’m Maisie…

…and I have a wonderful little daughter!

I will accompany you during your pregnancy, at birth and as a new mum. 🤗

But be warned – I am not a pediatrician or a midwife – I am a real mum like you. 🥰

That means that I have aaaaall gone through what we (soon) Mamas experience: all the beautiful moments, so many “first times” but also the worries and fears. So many times during my pregnancy and after the birth I asked myself: “is this normal? You will hopefully not ask yourself this so often, because you will see that I and many other mamas experience the same, sometimes crazy, things. 🤪

How can I help you?
Here you will hopefully feel understood, find lots of information on the most bizarre questions and thoughts and see that you are doing a great job as a mom! 🦸🏼

My Maisie Deine Schwanger und Mama Freundin

If you miss something or have a question, don’t hesitate, I always have an open ear!

Why can I help you?
Out of fear of birth I threw myself into books, research, flyers and talks with mothers, paediatricians, midwives, breastfeeding consultants and counselling centres. It was no longer just a matter of birth! I discovered an incredible interest in the magical processes of pregnancy, birth and the miracle of being a mum!

I noticed that there are a lot of useful tips, tricks and explanations out there! The pregnancy through was in my browser at least 40 tabs open with all the things I still wanted to read. From “what can I eat”, to “which preventive medical checkups make sense”, “children’s songs and finger games”, “what do I have to do when” and “Oh God, what do parents really have to know?

That means…
… So that you don’t have to collect all this information and also encounter a lot of nonsense, I will recommend to you what helped me and my environment the best.

I report by the way very honestly about my experiences and it is not always everything great and great, but I think exactly this is important to experience. In my environment I had no close contact to expectant mothers or babies before my pregnancy and I often asked myself: “Is that just normal what I think/tu/feel? We all have moments during pregnancy and after birth when we think “Oh God, will it get better again? – and that’s normal!

So if you are at a point where you think “what the f***!”, look in here and read that I, like so many other mamas, went through the same thing. 🧘🏼

My Maisie Deine Schwanger und Mama Freundin

My Maisie Your Mama-Friend

Thanks for being here!
I hope I can give you some valuable information and inspiration.

If you have any questions or if you want to add something – text me!

Your Maisie 💕